Funnelvio Review and Exclusive Bonuses

Funnelvio by Neil Napier has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. According to many experts, Funnelvio software is quickly gaining ground among the top funnel builder software in 2020. This is the ultimate Funnelvio review to help you understand all the small details that you might have missed.

funnelvio review

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What is Funnelvio?

Funnelvio is an exceptional sales funnel builder that lets you send email marketing campaigns, create landing pages, collect payments, integrate autoresponder, and manage membership sites. It is also referred to as Kyvio 2.0 and is available at a one-time price during the launch.

When you are in web marketing, then you understand that it isn’t easy to get and transform traffic into sales. You will soon need to incorporate some traffic producing system. 

Any web marketing service will tell you that you can’t make any money without reliable traffic.

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With Funnelvio you can create unlimited funnels and pages which are fully responsive with fast loading speeds. Just pick and use one of the 190 pre-done pages to get started immediately.

With its Built-In Drag-N-Drop Editor feature you can create/clone pages in multiple languages for non-english speaking audience and skyrocket sales.Funnelvio languages

About Creator / Neil Napier.

neil napier funnelvioNeil Napier is the man behind this timeless creation that has been causing waves. Being a leading online web marketer and business owner, he has made quite a name for himself. 

He is the man behind many successful products, including AdConnect, SyndRanker, Video Cloud Pro, The Store Launch, Webinar X, InstaStore, and so much more.

Millions of users all around the world trust the items that he provides due to his years of experience, energetic enthusiasm, and top quality work.

What makes Neil Napier stand out from his competition is the high level of acknowledgment that he receives from professionals and experts whenever releasing products. Following his success rate, Funnelvio is bound to be huge quite quickly.

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Features of Funnelvio.

In this section, we will take a look at some of the main features of Funnelvio. Understand that there are quite a lot of features that aren’t mentioned in this section. We are going to take a look at the main features that you need when starting up.

  • Quickly create sales funnels and smart landing pages.

Funnelvio is preloaded with more than two hundred ready to deploy pages that you get to choose from depending on your use and niche. You don’t need to be a genius to take advantage of the gorgeous preloaded pages. There is also an integrated Smart funnel editor and builder that ensures you get nothing but the best.

funnelvio reviews

  • Recreate external page.

The built-in page importer lets you recreate external pages with a simple click. You, therefore, get to share, publish, clone, delete, unpublish, and archive pages and funnels with a simple click. You can do this on a mass scale or single scale, depending on your needs.

  • Detailed step guide.

There is an included five-step guide that lets you create your first product if you are new in the business. What this means is that you effortlessly get to create a product without having any expert knowledge. You will also get a new funnel guide tutorial to help you speed up the process.

  • Built-in goal tracking.

With Funnelvio, you don’t need any external tracking tools and split testing to help you track your progress. You get an integrated goal tracking feature that you can use to ensure that you are headed in the right direction.

  • Integrated Google Cloud Pro.

Funnelvio hosts all funnels and pages, thus ensuring that you don’t need any hosting or domain. Using the integrated Google Cloud Pro account, you can rest easy knowing that you are well taken care of at Funnelvio.

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How It Works : Funnelvio Demo Video

Funnelvio is super easy to use with a few easy-to-follow steps. You can quickly create smart landing pages and sales funnels in just three steps.

funnelvio steps

Now let’s check out Funnelvio Demo Video below to fully understand how this funnel builder works.

Funnelvio vs Kartra vs Clickfunnels vs Leadpages.

This is Funnelvio in comparison to other top funnel builders . Click here to see the full comparison between funnelvio vs kartra vs clickfunnels vs leadpages.

funnelvio vs kartra vs clickfunnels vs leadpages


  • Easy to manage and use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free hosting
  • Beautiful built-in templates
  • Payment integration allows you to work as a membership site
  • Various Auto responder connections are supported
  • Low price


  • Limited features on personal license and FE
  • One time funnel meaning there are no updates

Who is Funnelvio for?

Funnelvio is perfect for different kinds of individuals, including the following:

  • Marketers at any experience level

Whether you are a newbie or seasoned marketer, Funnelvio is the best fit for you. Beginners in marketing get instructional on how to create their first products and sales funnels. Experienced marketers, on the other hand, get to build their traffic and sales quickly.

  • Sellers of membership/coaching sites

Selling coaching/membership sites can be an uphill battle without the right tools. However, using Funnelvio, the whole process can be quite straightforward.

  • People looking to expand their funnel conversion

Funnels are supposed to boost your sales while increasing traffic. Funnelvio will help expand your current funnel conversion, thus ensuring that you get maximum earnings.

  • Individuals who don’t need costly monthly apps

There are several monthly apps that quite frankly cost a fortune. These monthly apps don’t contain a lot of functionality, making Funnelvio the best option.

Funnelvio Pricing.

Understand that all products do include upsells, and Funnelvio is not an exception. The pricing will depend on what you need as a business and an individual. There are three distinct different payment periods, including; monthly, yearly, and one time.

Funnelvio Commercial, for example, goes for a one-time fee of $77 while Funnelvio Personal goes for $67 per month. However, there is a massive downsell of Funnelvio Unlimited that attracts a one-time fee of $197.

There are several other products offered by Funnelvio that you can check out on their official page. Ensure that you find a product that will sort your needs effectively. Carry out a detailed search to help you make the best decision.

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Funnelvio Testimonials

funnelvio testimonials


  • What is Funnelvio?

Funnelvio is a sales funnel builder that lets you create suitable landing pages, integrate autoresponder, send email marketing campaigns, and also collect payments. 

  • What makes Funnelvio better than the other funnel builders?

Funnelvio has a lot of advantages over other funnel builders. For example, it is the first Smart Funnel Builder that has a fully integrated Checkout System. To see how funnelvio compares to the top funnel builders, click here. Funnelvio also supports multiple languages. You can create funnels and pages in English, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.

  • Do you get lifetime access with Funnelvio?

Although you get a one-time price, it gets you about a year or two of access. Understand that the product creator has to pay for server maintenance, employee’s salaries, and infrastructure since they provide hosting. The good news is that the subscription won’t be auto renewed, which means that you don’t need to cancel recurring payments on PayPal.

Funnelvio Bonuses.

You get all these bonuses completely FREE when you grab “Funnelvio” through my link

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Bonus 1: Email Survey Funnel

Video training that teaches you how to successfully run an email survey funnel to collect valuable feedback from your leads or customers. It also helps you segment your email list to send relevant, targeted emails for higher ROI.

Bonus 2: PLRFunnels

I love PLR products out there, but people that buy them don’t use them right. They UNDER-use their purchases. In this training I share the best way to convert one simple PLR product into a complete funnel.

Bonus 3: Sales Funnel Authority

Discover the secrets to creating a sales funnel that turns leads into high-ticket customers! In this course, you’ll find out the steps that successful businesses, entrepreneurs and brands use to convert visitors into customers…

Bonus 4: Email List Building Strategy

Email List Building is the key to your success. This training will provide you the best strategies to build your list and create a long term income source. Never have to worry about sales conversions and earnings ever again!

Bonus 5: Affiliate ToolBox Creator

The software creates the pages you send your affiliates to to get their promotional tools.

Tools like: Email broadcasts, Autoresponders, Articles, PPC ads, Banners, Signatures & PopUp Codes. All with AUTOMATIC Affiliate ID Insertion!

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can put together your own affiliate toolbox with promotion tools like this. The affiliate then only has to copy & paste those tools onto his site, or into his email broadcasts.

Bonus 6: 10k Case Study

This video shows how I make $10,000+ per month with email marketing. All you have to do is “copy and paste”

Bonus 7: Case Study : How Brendan Made $2k in 20 Minutes

This is Brendan Mace’s case study showing how he made $2k in just 20 minutes

Bonus 8: Upsell Buzz

Create automatic upsell pages in just a few clicks!

Bonus 9: Cross Link Randomizer

Here’s a quick and easy way to boost your income by making your site more sticky and providing easier access to all your website content! building websites can be profitable if you have lots of targeted traffic.

But what is traffic if this will not convert into buyers? Right? You may have a page in your website that ranks very well in Google but if this website don’t convert well, having a cross selling via sharing relevant offers and links would be a good strategy to convert your traffic into buyers.

Bonus 10: Customer List Builder

The money is in the list. This is always what successful internet marketers are saying if you want to ask their effective tips. Well, it is indeed true but if you are used to it, you might find it hard to do.

The good news is that this simple ‘set and go’ system links directly with the popular Paypal payment service, automatically adding your customer details as soon as they pay!

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To sum it up, Funnelvio provides a much-needed service that is valuable to all marketers. It is a portfolio worth checking out due to its functionality and features.


What Do I Think?


Well, to sum this product up I love it! I got to test this out and I’m glad I did. I don’t give product 5 starts usually but this one I just had to, that’s how good it is. Do yourself a favour and buy this product today.